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Useful Technical and Organization Information for Marine Engineers, Superintendent, and Marine Spare Parts Suppliers

website sections Dear Visitor!

Welcome on the website for professional Marine Engineers, Superintendents, marine spare parts Suppliers and who carry out vessel engines and equipment repair. I hope you will find useful information here.

You find on page "Spare Parts" new information about hot spare parts offers. Check these offers. That can save your budget.

Look through our Marine Technical Library and Technical Library contains a lot of Technical Documentation, Instructions, Operation Manuals, Spare Parts Catalogs and Lists, Workshop Manuals, Drawings and Organization Documentation.

Everybody knew the proverbs: "Wise men learn by other's faults, fools by their own" and "Experience is the teacher of fools". It is right, isn't it? Why do not uses the negative experience of the others engineers to learn safety lessons from that? Read the section in Marine Technical Library "Accidents, Damages, Failures of the Marine Diesel engines and Machinery". You can learn therein many useful lessons.

What is our bible in the engine room?
It is manufacturing Instruction.
What can cancel some of Instruction provisions?
Of course it is service letter or service bulletin. Knowledge of service letters is very important. Sometimes it can save you from big trouble.

Several years ago I participated in investigation. The main reason of damaged was outstanding work according to the MAN service letter SL02-405/CBO "Check of Camshaft Coupling Fitted Bolts All engine types" with action code Immediately.

Shipowner had to order two tugs and vessel had towed to Sicily. It was a blessing that it was Mediterranean Sea. Imagine this situation in the middle of the North Atlantic Ocean in winter time or in the middle of Pacific Ocean. It is disaster.

Read and learn important (from my point of view) service letters and bulletins on page "Importent Service letters and bulletins".

Questions and Answers for marine engineerThe sections "2-stroke engine", "4-stroke engine" and "QUESTIONS and ANSWERS for Marine Engineers." help you to prepare for an examination in shipping company.

I also recommend to visit page "Useful Links". You can find there the links which brings you on the pages with technical libraries of diesel Manufacturers and Manufacturers of the other marine equipment, Classification Societies websites, Marine Investigation Organization's websites and useful website for marine engineers.

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