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Viktor Andreevich Knyazyev Buisness Card

1969-1974 - Odessa National Maritime Academy.
Specialization: Ships' power plants operation and automation.

1974-1995 - Engineer on merchant vessel (Panamax Balkcarrier).

1995-1998 - Superintendant.

1998-2002 - Head of MAN B&W representative office in Ukraine.

1998-2014 - Senior lecturer (Training & Certifying Center of Seafarers of Odessa National Maritime Academy).

Since 2002 up today - Own business (Marine spare parts and equipment, Technical Library: Operation and Service Manuals and Spare parts catalogs for Machinery.)

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Seminar MAN B&W. Ausburg 1998. The heads of representative offices worldwide.
Seminar MAN B&W. Ausburg 1998.

My first repair as superintendent in China. 1995.
Repair in China.

Chief Engineer. Bulkcarrier "Boris Gordeev". Main Engine MAN B&W 7L67GFCA.
Main Engine MAN B&W 7L67GFCA

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