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Two stroke diesel engine Exhaust Valves

MAN (MAN B&W) and Wartsila (Sulzer) 2-stroke engines Exhaust Valves. Condition Based Overhaul Strategy.

26-70 MC/MC-C Engines. Cooling Water Leakage from the cooling water spaces of the exhaust valve bottom piece, cylinder cover and cylinder liner. Read two service letters below to solve this problem.

New U-type Seal for Exhaust Valve Bottom Piece K/L/S26-70MC/MC(E)/MC-C/MC-S. Service Letter Sl01-389. Download.

26-70 MC/MC-C Engines Cooling Water Leakage. Service Letter SL01-393. Download.

New Recommendation for Overhauling of Exhaust Valves Two-stroke Marine Engines with W-Seat Exhaust Valve and Slide Fuel Valves. Download.

Grinding of Nimonic Exhaust Valve Spindle. Download.

Typical wear mechanism of 2 stroke exhaust valves. Download.

MWH ReliaValve with Sentry Rotator. Download.

MWH CrystalCoat exhaust valve spindle and seat (Glass-Metal coating). New Technology. Download.

Field experience with the MWH ReliaValve with Sentry Rotator: a 2-Stroke exhaust valve with demonstrated time between overhauls (TBO) of over 5 years. Download.

Two-Stroke Diesel Engines Exhaust Valve Video

To start the video, click on the any picture below.

Demonstration of the procedure for overhaul of the Exhaust Valve. Screen time: 27 minutes. Engine types: MC/MC-C/ME-B engines.
watch video

Grinding of exhaust valve spindle and bottom piece in special grinding machine. Part 1. Screen time: 33 minutes. Engine types: All.
watch video

Grinding of exhaust valve spindle and bottom piece in special grinding machine. Part 2. Screen time: 32 minutes. Engine types: All. watch video

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