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Updates and replenishment are carried out already at the new address.
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BabyEnglish.Best For Your Child Free

Write to brovertek@gmail.com. We'll make registration. It will be free within 3 years minimum + $20 bonus for website BabyEnglish.gift

For English-speaking and non-English-speaking children

The client "Baby English Best" provides complete child safety on the Internet and the security of your computer.
No links to external sites. Full screen mode.
The child can not minimize the window and go to the desktop, damage the computer system, erase the necessary information, infect the computer with a virus from the gaming sites. Parents can safely leave the child with the computer.
Internet Illusion for child!
Only useful content for the child.
Everything is under complete control of teachers and parents.
Parents save money and a huge amount of time!

For non-English-speaking children

Children learn English naturally (as their native language) at home.
Parents do not need to know English. 1000+ voiced books, Video, Audio, Learning Games, Grammar tasks, Control tasks.
Save your time and money.

For English-speaking and non-English-speaking children

Child learns English

babyenglish.best website


babyenglish.best logo Video: KidsTube, Cartoon Series, Video Books, Cartoons (full-length), Pop Corn Cinema (full-length feature)

Books: My first book - Listen and Read (0+), Chapter by Chapter, Book by Book (4+), First School Books

Games: Learn words, Learning games, Flash games (books, control tasks etc.)

Control Task and Games (exam children knowledge for different grades):
Pre-Kindergarten: Letters and Numbers
Kindergarten: Basics tasks of Math, English and Social Life
1-st Grade: Math, English, Social Life
2-nd Grade: Math, English, Social Life
3-rd Grade: Math, English, Social Life
Awords and Achievements (Statistic for Kids and Parents)

My Book, My Video, My game.
These websites are under complete control and management of parents (you will like it).
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Articles for parents, flashcards, English grammar, Frequency word book - everything to help pearents.
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Our shop with your personal shelf - 1000+ sounded book and Video for different ages and English level.

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