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This site shifted to the our website https://engine.od.ua
New address of the main page - https://engine.od.ua/marine-engineers
Updates and replenishment are carried out already at the new address.
This site will be closed 04.11.2023.

How to order the manuals:
1) Send email to us with your inquiry. Specify excavator model. It helps us to give you the correct offer. Please use the following address brovertek@gmail.com

2) We check your inquiry and send to you: offer, contents, sample pages, time of delivery, ways of payment.

3) If you decide to order you need to make a payment. Your payment is your order.
If you will pay a bank account or you need an invoice for accounting, please inform the data for the invoice.

4) All manuals are printable PDF files with bookmarks.
You will be able to download manuals from our server after readiness (we send a link).

Hyundai Excavator Robex R55-7


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